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In July of 2017, there was a confrontation outside of Siwatu-Salama Ra‘s mother’s home between herself and Chanell Harvey in Detroit, Michigan. Harvey and Ra’s niece had a fight few months before and this particular day the tension escalated. Siwatu-Salama demanded Harvey leave her mother’s home, she wouldn’t and, according to the Metro Times, “Harvey using her car to ram Ra’s vehicle while Ra’s 2-year-old daughter played inside. Harvey then allegedly attempted to run over Ra’s mother, at which point Ra grabbed her registered — and unloaded — handgun from her glovebox.” Yep, you read that right — a registered, unloaded gun. Michigan is open carry state and has the “stand your ground” law.

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Instead of running, when Ra pointed the gun at Harvey’s car, Harvey snapped three photos with her cell phone of Ra holding the gun. She immediately went to police and claimed she was confronted by a “hostile and gun-wielding Ra.” Ra filed a police report several hours later but “it wouldn’t be until three weeks later when a SWAT team raided Ra’s Macomb Township house that she would learn that the DPD didn’t care what she had to say. Months later, during the trial, a DPD detective testified that the department considers the person who arrives at the police station first to be the victim, lawyers say. Thus, detectives were not allowed to speak to Ra directly.”

Ra was found guilty on one charge of felonious assault against Harvey and guilty on a felony firearm possession charge. She is now serving a two-year sentence under a mandatory sentencing law. The case is under appeal and she is currently seven months pregnant.

Of course the NRA hasn’t said a word. Let’s imagine if this were a white man or white woman who pulled out an unloaded gun on a Black woman and didn’t even fire. The NRA would be  babbling on every conservative outlet and raise donations if the person spent one millisecond in jail — although they wouldn’t have even seen a jail.

Watch the video of Siwatu-Salama Ra’s story below:


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