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The state of Ohio has come in 3rd, behind Illinois and California, when it comes to dog bite claims. According to State Farm Insurance, there were 226 dog bite claims in 2017 in Ohio alone. The came up to about $5 million in injury claims.

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There were approximately 3,600 dog related injury claims across the nation last year and that resulted in $132 million in insurance pay out.

According to, here are some tips to keep people safe from dog bites.

  1. Learn canine body language. Too often people misunderstand or miss signals that a dog is uncomfortable. For example, a dog that yawns might not necessarily be tired. Yawning can also be a sign of stress.
  2. Give dogs space. Dogs can feel threatened when strange people touch them, so take pressure off by giving them the choice to come into your space first to say hello.
  3. Be humane. Dogs that are raised and trained humanely are more confident and less likely to bite than dogs that are trained using punitive methods or equipment designed to intimidate and cause pain.




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