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Our healthcare system is broken and now with the Trump administration dismantling Obamacare, people will be even more vulnerable to for-profit healthcare. This is the case for a woman in Baltimore who was thrown out of the University of Maryland Medical Center wearing a hospital gown and socks.

Baltimore-based psychotherapist Imamu Baraka caught the horrifying moment on camera. The 22-year-old is crying on the street, clearly in pain and appears to have blood on her face. Watch the disturbing moment below:

According to The Baltimore Sun, “Hospital officials have not said what the woman was treated for in the emergency room or why she was left out in the cold near a public transit bus stop.” It’s pretty clear why she was left out in the cold — she didn’t have the money or the insurance to pay for the insane amount the hospital would charge.

Dr. Mohan Suntha, the hospital’s top executive, said in a statement, “We take full responsibility for this failure” and the hospital did not provide “basic humanity and compassion.” Absolutely disgusting. This is exactly why Americans need single-payer healthcare, not our current system, which profits off the sick.

The young woman who was thrown out of the hospital was reportedly admitted back into the hospital because of  Imamu Baraka. She is now with her mother. We hope she is better.


SOURCE: The Baltimore Sun


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