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Stephanie Mills spoke a word this week she when sounded off about the whitewashing of R&B music and the appropriation of Black culture on TV One’s Sister Circle.

When asked by co-host Syleena Johnson about the “state of music right now,” Mills kept it 100.

“I think they want R&B, but they don’t want it from us,” she replied.

“They want it from Adele and Justin Timberlake and those people; they don’t want it from us,” she continued, later adding that the industry doesn’t “want to show the respect of where it comes from.”


She later added, “The hardest thing for an artist to realize is that you’re just a dollar to most people.”

The iconic singer also had advice for Black artists on the rise: Be weary of fake industry folks. They are using you.

“These Black people out here that are these stars need to know that when you’re invited to people’s homes, you’re just entertainment,” she said.

“You’re never their friends. Let’s be clear.”

Mills ended her interview coming down on current beauty standards and the pressure we face.

“I don’t understand Black women that inject their bodies.”

She added,“I don’t understand that. We’re beautiful. And that’s really what I want to point out: that we are beautiful. We don’t have to look like the Kardashians. The Kardashians are trying to look like us.”


There are no lies detected. Thank you Ms. Mills.


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