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Love and Hip-Hop New York is looking quite suspect this season. It’s full of lots of people trying too hard to be entertaining or ratchet, or whatever it is they’re trying to do, and we still don’t know what the heck Gwinin means because their website sucks. See for your self.🤷🏾


Anyway, the bright note of the series is Remy Ma and Papoose. Tonight’s episode opens with Papoose getting it in in the studio. He’s working on his own career in addition to pressing Remy Ma to have a baby and managing her career. It’s clear that he’s going to need to focus at some point because #DisTewMuch. We now know that Remy Ma is being managed by Vincent Herbert, fyi, so we’ll hopefully see this unfold…slowly. We don’t get enough of team #BlackLove.


Judy (Yandy’s mother-in-law) is reaching far and wide to create unnecessary drama.  She is still stalking Yandy’s life on behalf of Mendeecees, who should have kept his butt out of jail in the first place😒.

Let’s fast forward to  Yandy’s launch party for her new skincare line. We find Yandy minding her business, chatting with Juju and Jonathan (you remember Jonathan as K Michelle’s best friend and makeup artist from her spinoff show), but then Judy comes through with her shenanigans. Judy demands that Yandy cover up her tube dress (which was actually perfectly appropriate for a summer rooftop shindig) and tosses the ugliest Snuffleupagus x Rainbow Brite-inspired sweater at Yandy, hoping she’d put it on. 

And we’re still trying to figure out how someone dresses correlates to them cheating. Tuh!


Yandy refuses, and questions why Judy is being so ridiculous. Eventually, Yandy asks Judy to leave the event. Judy obliges, but it’s clear that Yandy better nip this in the bud before Judy ruins her “marriage” and business.

Mariahlynn is back. Obviously, #LHHNY viewers care enough about her enough to keep her coming back. Anyway, this time she has a boyfriend named James. She’s smitten with him, but he’s already giving off Cisco vibes. It’s oozing through the TV and makes you feel like you need to take a shower once the episode goes off.


We finally meet Navarro’s girlfriend, Ashley Diaz. Let’s cut to the chase, Ashley ain’t feeling the fact that he manages Anais. The tea is Ashley and Anais used to be cool, but Anais is a habitual line-stepper. She flirts with Navarro in Ashley’s face, sends him naked pics and calls him at 4am. Ashley’s sister tells her to shut that down early, but during Ashley and Anais’ eventual confrontation, it’s clear that Anais gives no effs. She is channeling Joseline Hernandez hardcore.

But like, can Navarro make a sound judgment call by cutting Anais off for the sake of his lady?

Moving on…

Self introduces Dreamdoll to Safaree, hoping that Safaree can help her with her music, but romantic sparks start flying immediately. Later on, they even go on a date to a trapeze class and share a kiss afterward.

So…Safaree claims that he’s back in New York hoping to find real, more grounded woman, but instead he hooks up with a plastic woman who fits the same mold as his ex-flings. Now we see why his mom lectured him.


The episode concludes at Mariahlynn’s single release party.

Speaking of singles, who’s going to help me find all of this music Love and Hip-Hop artists are “creating?”


Anyway, it’s clear that James and Self do not like each other. James wants control of Mariahlynn for the wrong reasons and views Self as a potential threat. Mariahlynn shuts James down and demands that he respect her boss, but that’s not going to bode well because James seems to have it in his mind that Self wants Mariahlynn’s bawdy (which is definitely not the case).

We’ll probably start to see this fall apart next week.


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