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Texas judge Hilary H. Green has been suspended on charges of sexting her bailiff and using him to buy drugs, hiring prostitutes and bringing home marijuana confiscated from a defendant, The Washington Post reports.

Green, who has not been charged with a crime, on Friday was suspended from the Houston court where she oversaw misdemeanors, traffic cases and small civil suits since 2007.


The accusations came to light during Green’s divorce proceedings from powerful City Controller Ronald C. Green, prompting the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct to file a formal complaint. But both accused each other of misdeeds. He accused his ex-wife of being a drug addict, who “operates daily with impaired judgment as evidenced by her presiding over cases in which she has ongoing sexual relationships with litigants and witnesses.”

Hilary’s ex-lover Claude Barnes claims they had sex with prostitutes. “We smoked marijuana. We had a couple drinks and then three of us had sex,” he testified. According to the ex, he and Hilary did ecstasy and aided in purchasing prescription cough syrup off the Black market. She also sexted her bailif, telling him she enjoys “oral” and had him purchase cough syrup.

Hilary denied hiring prostitutes but admitted to abusing drugs “almost every night” for years, court documents say.

Green’s suspension will remain in effect until a civil trial, which will determine if she should be removed from office. She was re-elected as a Harris County justice of the peace despite public knowledge of some of Green’s misconduct, the report says.

SOURCE: The Washington Post

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