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Tia Sumner is seeking justice.

Her 20-year-old son, Demitrius Manderfield, is behind bars at Michigan’s Midland Federal Correctional Facility as he fights sickle beta thalassemia.

Though he hasn’t been convicted for a crime, he’s been held at the facility for three months without access to proper healthcare.

On March 7, when Demitrius appeared in Judge Levy’s courtroom, she assured us that if my son’s medical needs weren’t being met she would consider releasing him,” Sumner said via email on Monday. “But it’s now day 16 since she told us this and he still has not been released or treated.”

She continued, “The judge said that she would rule in 24 hours on March 7, 2017. I have continued to call Judge Levy and his prosecuting attorney Sara Woodward and urge for his freedom and access to proper health care, but I am only met with broken promises and false claims that he is being treated.”

Though Manderfield’s next court date is coming up, his mother is concerned about his waning health.

In effort to raise awareness, an online campaign was created by Color of Change to help Manderfield receive the treatment he needs.

As of press time, the petition has received 73,569 signatures, exceeding its 75,000 goal.

SOURCE: Color of

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