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As Bronzeville continues, all of the South Side celebrates Everett Copeland’s (Wood Harris) release from prison after his two-year sentence for tax evasion ends. But Everett has concerns after he finds out that Curtis Randolph (Laurence Fishburne) is back in the game.

Jimmy (Larenz Tate) meets with Mr. Faulkner and the two speak of Jimmy’s changing life. While Faulkner looks down on Jimmy’s decision to work with the Copelands, Jimmy asks Faulkner to “show me a place where a colored kid can rise up to the top just by being good at something?”

That night, at Everett’s welcome party at The Royale, he and Curtis talk business. While Curtis has clearly changed since his wife’s murder, he seems to have gotten his head back on his shoulders. Everett then tells his brother Jesse (Omari Hardwick) that he’s struggling with his apparent demotion, and is not sure that Curtis is okay. Jesse is less sure, wondering if Curtis may be losing his mind, and is stuck in the past.

Jimmy and Lisa talk, and their flirtations grow even harder to ignore as she introduced him to her brother Everett, and boxing champ Joe Louis. Everett can see how his sister looks at Jimmy and asks her what her intentions are. He also wonders where Jimmy has come from, and how he’s climbed the ranks so quickly.

The next morning Jimmy and Casper do a job on direct assignment from Everette, and when police stop Jimmy for some unofficial questioning, the job does not go as expected.

Find out what happens on the newest episode of Bronzeville, and listen to the previous episode here.

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