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We love seeing godly men honor and celebrate their wives.

In a series of Instagram videos, GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel recording artist Kirk Franklin did just that on the occasion of his wife Tammy’s birthday.

The “Wanna Be Happy?” songwriter recorded his romantic efforts to surprise his spouse of 20 years with Gucci, flowers, a massage and more. He uploaded bits and pieces of the sentimental fare for his nearly half-million followers to see.

“Oh my gosh. Babe, they’re gorgeous!” said Tammy in one clip, upon noticing lovely flowers set out on a table waiting for her.

Her eager-to-please hubby’s voice can be heard saying off-camera, “I just want to know how I’m doing,” prodding his ladylove to assess his performance.

“Oh babe, you are doing amazing,” she replied sweetly. “You know why? Because you love me. It’s not about these flowers or all that you do—although they’re nice—it’s because you love me.

Though the missus adored the floral arrangement, that wasn’t all the platinum-selling Fo Yo Soul CEO had up his sleeve.

“Honey, there’s one more surprise. Come here. Hold on before you open up the door,” he said, preparing his unsuspecting wife for the evening’s finale.

When Tammy opened the door, she screamed and jumped excitedly.

“Y’all, this is my favorite masseuse from Dallas. This is Gertrude,” she said. “Y’all go see her. She’s at the Four Seasons. She is amazing!”

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source:Ebony Summers // EEW Magazine News

So Sweet: Kirk Franklin Showers His Wife Tammy With Birthday Love  was originally published on praisecleveland.com