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Legendary journalist Dan Rather sat down with Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, to talk politics, the Republican and Democratic political conventions, and a little Donald Trump.

Rather, who has attended 31 political conventions over the span of his illustrious career, said the 2016 presidential campaign contains “one of the more interesting convention seasons.”

He called the 1968 Democratic Convention the most interesting and most volatile, and said this year’s RNC and DNC will go down in history as being “built around Donald Trump.”

“There has never been anything like the Trump phenomenon, whether you like it or don’t like it,” said Rather.

The longtime journalist perceives that Democrats “have a real problem” and believes that the DNC is beginning to realize the challenges Trump presents.

“Trump is such a master of total media, including social media,” said Rather. He added the Republican presidential nominee “is breaking new ground” with his use of social media that forces Democrats to “catch up and adjust.”

When Martin asked Rather about the anger and resentment being expressed by many White voters, Rather explained the middle class, those below, and White Americans are fearful.

“The country’s demographics are changing all around them,” Rather said.

“We’ve gone to globalization of the economy – they’re feeling left out, they’re feeling passed by. Their country, from their viewpoint, is changing dramatically, and that leads to this fear.”

Later during their conversation, Rather drew parallels between Trump’s “law and order” RNC speech and similar campaign messages used by Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush to scare people.

He added, “Emphasizing law and order, Trump is following a game plan … that has been successful in the past.” 


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