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Remember when you were growing up and you always thought you knew more than your parents. You would ask to go somewhere or to wear a certain outfit and they would tell you no. You would try and argue your point, get mad and frustrated; but the answer remained no.

You whined. You pouted. You told all your friends how your parents just didn’t understand. Or how they were old fashioned and not up on the current times. You constantly said how you couldn’t wait until you got older, moved out and got to make your own decisions and do whatever you wanted to do.

So you got older and moved out.  Maybe  5, 10 sometimes 20 years later you had the “ah-ha” moment when it becomes crystal clear why your parents said no to certain things. Or why they made you do things that you really didn’t want to do.

For some of us that “ah-ha” moment doesn’t come until we have our own kids and they are whining and fussing about mandates that we are trying to set.

While we thought our parents were just being mean and unfair, they were actually using the wisdom of their years to guide us down the best path possible. No, parents don’t know everything. However, they had already experienced some things, had some scars and wanted to allow us to learn from their scars instead of creating our own.

They were not being mean or trying to keep us from having a life. Quite the opposite, they were instructing and disciplining us out of love and because they wanted us to have the best life possible.

It’s the exact same way with God and His love for us. Sometimes we think He is so old fashioned, mean and unfair by the mandates we read in the Bible. Or we think He doesn’t have a clue when he instructs us to close a door in our lives or to end a relationship. We often think (even if we never utter the words) that we know much more than God. And that our way is clearly the better way.

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article courtesy of TheStreamingFath.com

Daily Devotional: “God’s Wisdom Trumps All”  was originally published on praisecleveland.com