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UPDATED: Wednesday, June 15 11:40 AM EST

The Chicago Tribune reports that a police officer, whose name has not been released, has been relieved of his law enforcement duties as “authorities investigate a video on Facebook that appears to show him stomp on a suspect’s head while another officer struggles with the man.”

From the Tribune:

“After careful consideration and reviewing the video footage, Superintendent (Eddie) Johnson has decided to relieve one of the officers involved in the incident that occurred on the 3900 block of West Grenshaw of his police powers while IPRA investigates the case,” police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement.

The Fraternal Order of Police said it was working with the officer and disagreed with stripping police powers before the investigation was completed.

The video was posted Monday afternoon, apparently soon after the incident. By about 10 p.m., the video posted by someone using the name Terrance Hustlehard had been viewed more than 300,000 times and had been shared about 14,000 times.

The Fraternal Order of Police disagreed with stripping the officer of police powers before the investigation was completed, the report says.

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune 

Head-Stomping Incident Launches Probe Of Two Chicago Cops

The Independent Police Review Authority has launched an investigation into a video apparently showing an officer stomping a mans head as another officer tried to arrest him in the North Lawndale neighborhood. CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli reports.

A video showing two Chicago officers struggling with an unidentified man before one officer stomps him in the head has ignited an internal police investigation.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson asked for a probe into the two officers shown in the disturbing video that took place on Chicago’s West Side. The footage was posted to Facebook on Monday by someone using the name Terrance Hustlehard and is about 1 minute and 28 seconds long, according to the Chicago Tribune.

In the beginning of the video, a man is lying in the street with his pants down near his legs as one officer sits on top of him. They tussle for a few seconds on camera. Twenty four seconds in, the second officer appears, yelling, “Get back!” towards the voice off camera.

“What the f—? We ain’t did s—!” the cameraman yells.

The camera pans back to the man struggling with the officer, while witnesses question the officer’s movements on the ground. The second cop walks back over to the two men struggling. You can hear the officer on the ground saying, “Don’t you bite me!”

At about 38 seconds, the second officer calls for backup. Someone in the distance yells, “Call backup!” The officer walks back over near the cameraman to exchange words.

“Yeah, I am calling backup!” he says.

“For what motherf—? Ya’ll scary as hell,” a voice says.

The camera shifts back to the two men struggling on the ground. The officer on top of the man yells out when the man reaches up towards his face. The standing officer walks back over to them, then stomps the man in the head at about 46 seconds. He stops moving, appearing to be unconscious.

The surrounding crowd yells, while the second officer commands them to “Get the f— back!”

An off camera voice says, “Hey don’t worry about it. I’m finna whack your a—!”

The camera goes haywire as it circulates the surrounding area showing other witnesses. Someone yells to record the license plate of the officers’ car. You can see the two officers on the ground with the man.

At 1:11, someone says, “They’re putting their knees in his face and everything. Hey ya’ll some b—, ya’ll gon’ die!”

Responding officers are seen rushing over to the crowd and the officers on the ground. Witnesses explain what they saw, as one officer walks towards the cameraman urging the crowd to “Get out of the way!” Sirens are heard in the background before the video shuts off.

The CPD released a statement to the Tribune:

“The Chicago Police Department holds its members to the highest possible professional standards with a priority on treating all Chicagoans with respect. Upon viewing the video, Superintendent Johnson immediately asked the Independent Police Review Authority to investigate the matter while the department gathers more information about the case.”

According to the Tribune, a member of the IPRA could not be reached for comment.

SOURCES: Chicago Tribune | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform


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