Host Morgan Freeman on National Geographic Channel’s Story of God and its quest to understand how different faiths answer our biggest questions—and what we all have in common.

In our Curious World series, we’ve explored fascinating intersections of science and culture alongside National Geographic Channel. Now, with The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, National Geographic Channel tackles the biggest questions in the universe: why are we here, what does it all mean, and what can we learn from one another? We spoke with host and executive producer Morgan Freeman to find out what drew him to this bold, one-of-a-kind project.

Morgan Freeman bends down to gaze at the empty sarcophagus of Unas, the first ancient Egyptian pharaoh to have religious texts carved into the walls of his tomb, nearly 4,400 years ago. His people believed, every night for all eternity, the pharaoh’s soul would recite ancient spells to reanimate his mummified body, allowing him to cross lakes of fire, fight demons, and become one with sun god Ra. By ensuring the sun’s daily rise, Unas would protect the living

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