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Travel can be wonderful. But business travel is generally more like death by paper cuts. Last week I landed and was still a bit famished even after the eight tiny pretzels snack I was graciously given in flight. So I began to peruse the food options. I spotted a smoothie stand and that sounded perfect. So I headed over and made my pick.

“I will have the Peanut Butter Zone smoothie.”

The worker turned and looked at the menu as if that order was a complete surprise. Maybe she thought she was being pranked for one of those cable shows. Perhaps I was making stuff up. She carefully examined the ingredients on the menu board and turned to me.

“We ain’t got no peanut butter.”

Disappointed but still determined I pushed on.

“Then I will have the Protein Power Berry smoothie.”

Slowly she turned to see what ingredients might be in this order which also appeared to take her by complete surprise.

“We ain’t got no protein powder.”

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article courtesy of TheStreamingFaith.com/David Burchett

Daily Devotional: “Doing Inventory”  was originally published on praisecleveland.com