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Are dishwashers more effective than hand washing dirty dishes?  I have always wondered about this.  As a child, being asked (or forced…) to hand wash the dirty dishes, I would dream of the day when I would never hand wash dishes again.  It became a personal goal of mine to make sure that whatever house I lived in, there would be a functional dishwasher in that house.  (Side note: Some parents reading this are screaming, “My children are my dishwashers!”)

Ultimately, it is a trivial question.  The key issue is to arrive at the destination of having clean dishes. There is nothing worse, whether by hand or machine, to go looking to obtain a clean cup or set of silverware or even a plate, and immediately see pre-existing gook or even residue from the lack of thorough cleaning.  These experiences always have the potential of taking one’s appetite away.  It would be an understatement of how unacceptable these encounters are in restaurants and other public eateries.

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