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Dear Tom,

My husband Sheron has overcome tremendous odds from his youth. Today you couldn’t tell the life he led. After spending two years in college (NC A&T), he got himself into trouble and spent the rest of his 20’s incarcerated.

He came home and we found each other at the right time. It’s been 10 years now and we have three girls under the age of 7yrs old.

Unfortunately recently he gave up a job where he was growing professionally in order to follow my career out of state.  We moved from North Carolina to Indy this year with just each other for our support system.  He became a stay-at-home dad and attends college Wednesday nights and all day on Saturday.

He constantly worries about if we can make it off of one income and I have to tell him to trust god.  It would help him feel like he was contributing more (not paying daycare is a huge help) if his tuition, fees and books for the next semester were covered and didn’t come from our savings.  He is working on an HVAC certification and is doing really well this semester. So much so that he has decided to pursue the associate degree in HVAC after completing the certification.

he feels terrible thinking that he can’t buy Christmas gifts for me and the girls (from his own money) and I would love your help to have him feel like the burden is lower, knowing that tuition is covered. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

REAL FATHERS REAL MEN: Sheron Grier  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com