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Dear Tom,

I can say so many things about this man. He is an all-around phenomenal person and one of my best friends.  Johnny aka “Scooby” is the chief deputy of the Lincoln county sheriff’s department in Brookhaven, MS.

Recently tragedy struck a part of his life.  His ex-wife’s life was senselessly taken at the hands of another. He was devastated.  We are all praying that justice is served soon in this case.

Here is where his goodness comes in.  Scooby raised his ex-wife’s son and their biological daughter from young kids and mostly on his own. They are both grown now.  His wife later had two other children after their marriage — they are 14 and 16.  Though the kids have loving family members, they mostly live in other areas across the country.  So Scooby, along with his daughter, did not hesitate to provide the kids with a home and a stable environment.  He wants them to feel safe in their surroundings.

This is a big change for him.  He’s so funny when he talks about how hard it is to help them with their homework.  I think he’s awesome for his selfless act of love and kindness.  I seriously hope you can help him out and recognize Scooby as being a Real Father and a Real Man.


REAL FATHERS REAL MEN: Johnny Hall  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com