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OBGYN Dr. Drai answers all the various questions from the Text Tom Club about Bruce Jenner‘s transition to Caitlyn Jenner.

So for a trans woman like Caitlyn, top surgery would be facial feminization. And any surgery below the waist is bottom surgery.

“The first thing you want to do is remove part of the penis and the testes. The sacs can be used to make the lip of the vagina and the skin that was part of the penis makes the lips of the vagina. It takes about 4-6 hours. The biggest thing is that the vagina can get small so they have to dilate it with little dildos. I always tell the girls don’t date those lanky basketball players. You don’t want to mess up the vagina you paid so much money for it.”

How long do you need before a surgically created vagina is operational? 

I always tell the girls two months. Let it heal.

How deep will the vagina be? 

It all depends on how much you’re dilating. The bigger dilator you can put in there, the bigger your vagina will be.

How does the ‘irrigation’ work? 

Just the same.

Does she have to get her prostate checked?

“The prostate is not removed and you would need to have it checked. You put your finger in the vagina and press down. Because they are taking estrogen, the prostate shrinks.”

Will Caitlyn have a menstrual cycle? 

She’s 65, she is post-menopausal.

Will there be a camel toe? 

You can have a camel toe if you show yourself before you heal?

What is the difference between the gender you’re born with and the gender you feel? 

I deliver a baby and the baby comes out and says ‘You have a boy, you have a girl’ and gender is what you feel in your brain. Sexual orientation is who you are attracted to. She says she’s a lesbian, she’s attracted to women. It has nothing to do with sex and gender.

They are born that way. I have 58 trans patients. A lot of them have issues getting jobs, and then they become homeless. Then they try to get in shelters which are often run by religious groups and then they can’t determine where to put them.

Click the link above to hear Dr. Drai answer more questions or head to his website for more.


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