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Memorial Day brings out the grills, the drinks, American pride but most importantly, the jams.

Getting together with family and friends this Memorial Day means turning up to colossal highs. The best way to do so is fairly simple. With everyone wanting to relive the golden era of the 90’s and beyond, nostalgia is in the air. As time has proven, Hip Hop  has managed to stand the test of time.

Some of the biggest barbecue jams are over 20 years old, but still touch every listener today.

Check out our classic BBQ Memorial Day playlist! What songs do you and your family jam to? Let us know in the comment section below.

“Summertime”  by Will Smith | Released: 1991

An ode to the Summer in the Spring is fitting right?

“Return Of The Mack (C & J Remix) by Mark Morrison | Released: 1996

Walking into the BBQ as Morrison slays is only fitting.

“Cha Cha Slide” Mr. C The Slide Man| Released: 2000

Did you know this song was released twice? After the vast success of the single in the states, it was released internationally in 2004.

“Before I Let Go” Frankie Beverly featuring Maze | Released: 1981

The Micheal Jordan BBQ, Birthday and New Years jams.

“My Boo” Ghost Town DJ’s | Released: 1996

Everyone has that one special person that you think of a night.

“Candy Rain (Remix)” Soul For Real & Heavy D | Released: 1994

The late and great Heavy D flipped this song into a candy coated classic.

“Too Close” Next | Released: 1997

Getting too close is never an issue.

“Everyone Falls In Love” Tantro Metro, Devante | Released: 1999

In this mini reggae break, we remember love (and the slow wind) catches everyone.

“Flex” Bounty Killer | Released: 1991

Rihanna samples this jam on her Good Girl Gone Bad cut, “Sell Me Candy.”

“Maria, Maria” Carlos Santana & The Product G&B| Released: 1999

Santana’s guitar riffs cry out loud on this Wyclef-assisted track.

“So Fresh, So Clean” Outkast | Released: 2001

Outkast proves felling good about your look is one of the Top 5 feelings exuded at a BBQ.

“Gin & Juice” Snoop & Dre | Released: 1994

Even if you drink of choice wasn’t gin, you still got down to Snoop’s breakout hit anyway.

“Can’t You See” Total & Biggie Smalls | Released: 1994

Vulnerable and honest, the ladies of Total kept it real on their debut single.

“Not Tonight (Remix)” Angie Martinez, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Left Eye” | Released: 1997

Girl Power is the best power.

“Crush On You” Lil Kim & Lil Cease | Released: 1997

Nothing’s better than seeing your crush-and letting them know the deal.

“Rock With You” Micheal Jackson | Released: 1979

Not the only MJ track on the playlist, but the only one that matters.

“Tell Me” Grove Theory | Released: 1995

 Amel Larrieux’s smooth vocals turned up the feels to this R&B classic.

“Rapper’s Delight” The Sugarhill Gang | Released: 1979

Hip Hop’s first jam is a must for any BBQ.

“The Message” Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five | Released: 1982

Hip Hop pioneers Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five managed to touch on important issues throughout their music What’s more hip Hop than that?

“Planet Rock” Afrika Banbaataa & Soul Sonic Force | Released: 1982

One of Hip Hop’s earliest jams had us thinking about what the future really looked like.

“Billie Jean” Micheal Jackson | Released: 1983

The King of Pop kept it real and true for his infectious hit.

“Poison” Bel Biv Devoe | Released: 1990

 BBD taught us an important lesson; never trust a big butt and a smile.

“Never Too Much” Luther Vandross | Released: 1981

The legendary singer’s attempt at a disco theme track paid off in a big way.

“Love Come Down” Evelyn Champagne King | Released: 1982

Can love go any other way?

“Night To Remember” Shalamar | Released: 1982

Shalamar made it cool to jump off the walls about love.

“All Night Long” Mary Jane Girls | Released: 1983

This Rick James produced track will get a Soul Train line started in no time.

“Last Dance” Donna Summer | Released: 1978

The perfect close to a great family gathering.

Bonus Track: “King Kunta” by Kendrick Lamar | Released: 2015

It’s evident that Kendrick’s jam will have you getting low for BBQ’s to come.

Check out the full playlist here.


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