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It’s WTH?! Thursday on TV One’s NewsOne Now and we’re taking a look at all of the crazy stories trending in this week’s news.

This week’s play-by-play commentators include comedian Lav Love, blogger and stylist Rose Barnes, and Street Senators radio show host Lamont King.

An unsavory gift from the friendly skies starts our list of WTH? stories — A teen’s Sweet 16 birthday party is disrupted when an unidentified plane dropped human waste on the festivities. Nuff said.


In celebration of “White Appreciation Day,” the owner of Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ has decided to extend discounts to ALL Americans, because as his sign reads “… all Americans should be celebrated!!”


A 51-year-old man claims he sneezed out a toy that has been stuck in his nose since he was seven. Steve Easton told the Guardian,”I started a sneezing fit and it came out of my left nostril.”

What else might he be hiding up in there — then again maybe we don’t want to know.


All hell broke loose when a California Highway Patrol officer pulled over an entire funeral procession consisting of more than 100 cars. The officer stopped the caravan from paying their last respects for “moving too slow” on Interstate 10.

In the video shown on NewsOne Now, you will see irate family members and a motorcycle cop giving the “offending” highway patrol officer the business.

Watch Roland Martin, Lav Love, Rose Barnes, and Lamont King break down all of this week’s insanity in the news in the video clip above.

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WTH?! Thursday: Cop Bites Man’s Privates During Bar Fight … AND MORE

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