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Dear Tom,

My father is a definite example of a real man and real father.  He raised my five sisters and myself. I thank GOD for blessing me with a father like him because now I myself know what it takes to raise my 2 sons.

When I was about 7 years old my parents separated, it was the most devastating time of childhood.  My dad moved to Indianapolis and I stayed in Clarksville, Tennessee with my mother.

For 3 years straight my dad traveled 4.5 hours every 2 weeks to see me.  He never missed a date. One day he got in a really bad accident on his way to see me and I was about 10 years old.   After that, I told him just to come once a month and he never missed a visit.  Plus he kept me every summer and during the holidays.  He made sure he would have a hand in the kind of man I came out to be.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my father. He is retired from the military for 23 years and also volunteers as a police officer.  I wish everybody was blessed enough to have a father like this in their life because I know it has played a huge difference in the man I have become.

He is big into family first and loves to barbeque. If he were to win the cash prize, all he talks about is a patio for his backyard and how he wants to have all these family functions there.  I would greatly appreciate if you all could help. Thank you.

REAL FATHERS REAL MEN: Vincent Culbreath  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com