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Suge Knight Court

Source: (Photo by Mark Boster-Pool/Getty Images) / Getty

The crux of Suge Knight’s defense for murder was laid out in courtroom on Wednesday, centering on the fact that he is legally blind in one of his eyes, reports the New York Daily News.

Knight, 49, who has been appearing in court with glasses, was arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder in February. He has been jailed since then on a no-bail hold.

Earlier this week, disturbing footage surfaced of Knight running down Cle “Bone” Sloan and Terry Carter on the set of the N.W.A. biopic, “Straight Outta Compton.” In it, Knight hits Sloan by backing up over him, and then drives forward and runs Sloan over again. Going forward, he also hits Carter, killing him. Many who have watched the video wonder why the notorious ex-label head did not drive in another direction after making contact with the first man.

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Says The News:

Knight is legally blind in his left eye and was reeling from punches to his face when he gunned his engine Jan. 29 and unintentionally killed Terry Carter in the parking lot of Tam’s Burgers in Compton, Calif., lawyer Matthew Fletcher told the Daily News.

Considering the alleged handicap, it wasn’t a viable option for Knight to veer left down the street behind Tam’s after he first reversed to escape a physical confrontation at his driver-side window, the lawyer said.

“How can he go left if he can’t see?” Fletcher asked rhetorically.

Lawyer Fletcher argues that Knight believed he was the victim of an armed assault and had no choice but to gun the vehicle over the men who may have confronted him.

“This was a literal presentation of being blindsided. He was attacked on his blind side,” the lawyer said. “To me it seems obvious. He’s being punched in the face, he can’t see.”

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Fletcher also said that Knight could not have reversed because if he did so, he would have been a sitting duck. In the video first posted by TMZ, a third unidentified man is seen running up to Sloan after the incident and possibly taking what Knight’s lawyer says was a gun.

“If you are reasonably in fear for your life, with two or three men attacking you, you have the right not only to fight back but to pursue the person who put you in that peril,” Fletcher told The News.


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