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“Hi, I’m Dennis. Do you know how beautiful you are?” If you were a woman just minding your own business and heard this line, would you think it was kind of sweet? Well, as cheesy as that pick-up line was, Dennis Scamardella took it to the next level and said this when he posing as a cop in order to get a woman’s number! Chile!

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Scamardella pulled this off by placing a blinking light on his Cadillac dashboard and even had a fake cop shield on and handcuffs attached to his belt. From there got the chutzpah to sweet talk an 18-year-old in her car who was sitting in her own car. He is 35. Wait, how long had he been planning this set-up??

The unamused young girl told Advance that upon him approaching her, she could feel that he wasn’t a real cop and even asked him for clarity. She recalls him responding with, “Yeah, don’t you see my badge, cuffs and gun? Do you have a boyfriend? Give me your phone number.”

Scamardella is actually a construction worker of the SI neighborhood of New Dorp. This happened on November 24 around 1:00PM, and he was arrested and arraigned this past weekend by the NYPD’s 122nd Precinct. He was hit with misdemeanor charges including with two counts of second-degree criminal impersonation. He’s next court date is March 19.

Courtesy of the Staten Island Advance, this laughable faux pas of love at first sight has joined the list of no-no’s on men doing the most list. Women like the attention and being courted, but this story right here has got some ick factors.

Fellas, don’t try this in your own neighborhood. Pretending to be a cop is actually a serious offense. Regular clothes, a kind, genuine request for a number, and even Facebook, sometimes still work.

Beauties, do have any hilariously (mortifying stories) of attempted courtship? Do share!


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