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Bill Cosby (pictured) has allegedly hired a squad of private investigators to dredge up dirt on some of the women accusing him of sexual assault in order to discredit them, reports the New York Post.

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The beleaguered 77-year-old actor-comedian is reportedly paying six-figure fees to a Glendale, Calif.-based firm with a half-dozen former LAPD detectives to find information to discredit the women as he battles accusations that he sexually assaulted more than two dozen women over a number of years, the report says. Former Supermodel Beverly Johnson recently stepped up to accuse him of drugging her coffee in the 1980s.

Several sources confirmed to the Post that Cosby, through his Hollywood attorney Martin Singer “is implementing a scorched-earth strategy in which anything negative in his accusers’ pasts is fair game,” the report says.

The New York Post reports:

“If you’re going to say to the world that I did this to you, then the world needs to know, ‘What kind of person are you? Who is this person that’s saying it?’ ” Cosby told his legal and public-relations team at a recent meeting, according to an insider who was present.

“You can’t say that I put something in your coffee, threw you in a cab and then you go on and live a high-profile life, a famous life and you never complain,” Cosby said, referring to supermodel Beverly Johnson, who claimed “America’s Dad” spiked her cappuccino during a visit to his home in the 1980s, the source said. “You mean you never reported it to the police? You never tell anyone?”

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