Judge Norbet Nadel denied Judge Tracie Hunter a new trial  early  today.  At the heart of the new trial request, was  attorney Clyde Bennett’s request  based on allegations that jury foreman Sandy Kirkham lied on her jury questionnaire about having been a victim of crime.  Allegedly,  Sandy Kirkham was abused by a pastor during her late teens and Bennett suggests that it could have impacted her judgement of Tracie Hunter.

Really, the crime is that Judge Tracie Hunter could not get a fair trial in Cincinnati. Judge Tracie Hunter could not get fair treatment working for Hamilton County and  unfortunately this is what justice looks like in our great city.

It has been reported that Judge Norbet Nadel will retire at the end of the year. In my opinion, I ask- how can he find peace in his retirement when he lost all fair judgement in the Tracie Hunter trial? No justice, I hope no peace.

The National Action Network is asking concerned citizens to flood the courtroom with supporters on Friday at 10am for Judge Tracie Hunter’s sentencing.

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