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US Bank Text Scam, H1N1 Flu Shot Scam

Reported by: John Matarese

Viewers are asking me about some unusual text messages and emails they have been receiving in recent days, wondering if they are legitimate. One concerns your bank or Debit Card…the other the H1N1 virus.

Bank Text Message

It appears thousands of cell phone users are receiving a text message purportedly from US Bank, telling them that their Debit Card has been “locked.” It then requests that you contact the bank with your card information to clear and unlock your account.

The text is a scam. Investigators believe it is originating in Europe,and is the latest way scammers are “phishing” for personal account numbers. Never respond to any request for account information, whether its a text message or email, or appears to come from US Bank, Bank of America, 5th 3rd, or any other bank.

Banks will not email you asking for you to re-enter your account numbers.

H1N1 Swine Flu Email

The Better Business Bureau is warning computer users to beware an email that appears to come from the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control.

It states that a state H1N1 Swine Flu program has been set up, and that you need to download a file to register to receive your shot.

The message is a hoax, and the BBB says the only virus you’ll see is the computer kind, which will install itself in your hard drive, and may “phish” for information.

The CDC is not sending out unsolicited H1N1 alerts.

As always, be suspicious of any unsolicited email or text, and don’t waste your money. I’m John Matarese.

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