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There have been hundreds of cynical articles written by men that describe reasons why them getting married is not beneficial to them. Most men are of the opinion that marriage benefits women more so than it does them.

In fact some believe that there are absolutely no benefits to a man getting married. I disagree. I think that the right woman can bring happiness to a man’s life. The right woman can also be a positive life changing advantage for a man. Marriage is not the cure all to all problems between men and women or in life in general but some issues might lessen depending on whether or not you choose the right partner. Please keep in mind that I am emphasizing on you choosing the right partner that compliments you and more importantly the man being ready in every way for marriage. Here are a few reasons why marriage does benefit men as well as women. Guys may not want to hear these reasons but you have to admit that there is validity to these points..

1. Sex

If they let it and are ready, marriage can tame a man’s overt sexual desires. That is given that they are willing to be loyal to their wife in every way. This decision can prevent unnecessary drama with various women in their lives which might include sexual transmitted diseases, illegitimate children, and the infamous baby mama drama that all men claim that they abhor. The threat of the itching and burning sensation on the genitalia would be enough for me.

2. Make Me Better

The right woman can make a man want to mature and be a better person. Her presence in his life can also lead him to want to do better in life and want more out of life. Not just for her but for his sake as well and the possibility of them growing together. Love can encourage some to leave certain self destructive lifestyles alone for the sake of the betterment of their family and partner. A failed example of this would be the lovely couple T.I. and Tiny. Unfortunately she does not seem to have any influence on him and encouraging his positive lifestyle choices for his families sake. I’m not hating on them. It is just an observation. If she was I would give her kudos. It is what it is. Of course the man has to be receptive to her.

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3. Responsibility

Even though some men gripe about having responsibilities due to marriage, it is needed. Sometimes marriage makes men mature and grow into men that they would not otherwise become if they only had themselves to consider for the rest of their lives. It can make them realize what is truly important in life and make the necessary changes in becoming the man that they were meant to be….To Read The Rest To YeahSheSaidIt

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