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T-shirt company has recruited six young African-American children who were reportedly neighbors of Michael Brown, the Ferguson, Mo., Black teen who was shot to death last month at the hands of White police officer Darren Wilson, to educate White America about the racial bias that is still very prevalent in this country.

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The video begins by stating that Ferguson is the place “where White police shot an unarmed Black teen in the face; it was a disgrace.”  The adorable youngsters then say common phrases that are frequently uttered by White people who are convinced racism no longer exists. They also provide statistics about racial bias.

In addition, the T-shirt manufacturer with the “activist heart’s” video description reads:


“Armed ONLY with statistics (hands up, don’t shoot) these articulate and adorable kids are not having it while much of White America would rather pretend racism is over.”

The video’s main point is that in Amerikka “racism is not over but I’m over racism.”

According to the site, FCKH8 donates $5 out of every $13 spent on a tee to charities working to fight racism.

Check out the video here:


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