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Recently, a friend saw a photo of a sweet-looking girl about 14-years-old pop up on her teenage son’s phone, asking if she was hot or not. It’s too easy to blame it all on the media and rap videos. I’m going straight to he source. If the self-worth of our girls is dependent on the opinion of adolescent boys, we aren’t doing our jobs.

When parents do their part in helping build self-worth and self-esteem, there isn’t that much left for others to do…and that goes for our sons too. But if parents are too self-absorbed with their own looks and lives and are themselves twerking in front of their children, kids might get their values a little twisted. Many of the women getting butt injections and plastic surgery are moms and even grandmoms.

I haven’t done it yet, but I plan to check my friend about her son. He needs to know that if he’s ranking girls’ looks that he could be responsible for inflicting pain that he probably isn’t even aware of.

If we call ourselves powerful, successful, soulful sisters and sit idly by while this generation of young women and young men drown in superficiality, we’ll all be sinking together. Instead, let’s catch as many teenagers as we can before they fall in.

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Girls Can Run The World, If We Help  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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