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A Youtube video of a woman who woreds SECURITY at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas just hit the web. According to the former security guard Kendrick Lamar was investigated – for allegedly BRUTALLY BEATING a woman. The former guard says the woman called them from help, and was a BLOODY MESS when they found her.

The SNITCH GUARD also claims that police were contacted, and that the victim plans on pressing charges against Kendrick. The guard never said that she SPECIFICALLY saw Kenrick put hands on the girl though.

Here are her exact words:

On Memorial Day Weekend . . . so I get dispatched up to one of the rooms to help some girl get down to the casino. She ends up being all bloody and things, so I had to call my supervisor, then I had to call my other supervisor, then I had to call my boss. And I was like, “We have a situation,” because half of her face was like blown out.

Come to find out that she was with a certain rapper, who had assaulted her . . . and his first name is [Kendrick]. [Audience aks if she means Kendrick Lamar]. Yeah. . . He beat up some chick, [and] there was like blood everywhere.

There were cops there, and we didn’t find out it was Kendrick until later. . . . She ended up pressing charges, I think.