There is an outbreak of mumps in Ohio and more than 152 cases have been linked to Ohio State University. Yes, mumps and Ohio State has taken steps to vaccinate students and employees to prevent the continued spread throughout the campus.

Interim President Alutto is urging and strongly recommending that those who are most vulnerable reach out to health professionals to get vaccinate or prove that they have been.

According to the website emedicinehealth these are the symptons and signs of mumps.

Mumps Symptoms and Signs

  •  Early symptoms are uncommon but may include fever, loss of appetite, achiness, and headache. Temperature is moderately high, usually lasting for three to four days.
  • Swelling of the glands under and in front of the ear usually starts on one side and then progresses to the other side rapidly. Swelling may last from seven to 10 days. Eating or drinking acidic or citric foods causes much discomfort.
  • Other symptoms may include testicular pain (in males), abdominal pain, seizures, stiff neck, and difficulty swallowing

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