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A few days ago, All-Pro defensive end Aldon Smith was arrested for making a false bomb threat at LAX airport.  Allegedly, Smith was pulled out of line at the air by a TSA employee for a routine search. It was reported that during the second attempt to search Smith he became agitated, argumentative and disorderly.

Now reports suggest that after a series of off-field arrests and charges including a DUI, marijuana possession and three counts of felony gun possession some are suggesting that Aldon Smith may have some mental health problems.

I think Aldon Smith has a back story that has not been made public yet.  Is that excuse making? No and he deserves the same consideration of extinuating circumstances we give to students who take knives to school and try to carve out the lives of fellow students.

What do you think?  Is there a rush to judgement regarding Aldon Smith?


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