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Kanye West‘s name has become synonymous with epic rants that either better establish his genius or make him out to be an obnoxious, socially removed valley girl. While we normally can’t get enough of Kanye’s emotional tangents, we’ve come to a point where we just want him to be quiet already.

His latest interview with Hot 107.9  proves that Kanye is lost in his own lies and thinks he is holier than thou–thou being Black people (because White people have it all figured out). Kanye has found himself defending the Confederate Flag because it’s fun and of course he doesn’t see it to be very slave-like because duh, he created the definition for slavery and offensiveness. During the surprisingly pleasant sit-down, West opened up about his choice to don the Confederate Flag and how the President Of The United States begged he and his late mother Donda for likeness.

As always, we’ve braved through the tall trees and wild animals of the wild wild West and picked out the moments that solidify our belief that Kanye needs to have several seats, in fact…he can choose a seat from the San Francisco field he rented out to propose to Kim Kardashian in. There’s plenty.

Quotes, below (with gifs):

“People get mad at me saying that I am a creative genius, but it’s just obvious. It’s, like, factual. […] I’m not a musician, I don’t even know how to play the piano. I would write creative genius when I go through the airport — and you have to put that in customs [forms], where you put what your title is — except for two reasons: it takes too long to write and sometimes I spell the word genius wrong.”

“Oh, you talking about how he use to come and visit me and my mama and tell me he’s about to run for president? I just think that we’re pop icons, and the president likes to use that type of thing just to be down.”

“My music brings joy to people. What I create brings joy to people. Me, I’m not about me. I’m about I’ve got an idea that people are going to like. Don’t you get frustrated around Christmas time dealing with clothing? Don’t you get frustrated with so many things? That’s Steve Jobs made things easier for people in life.”

“I’m actually extremely shy.”

“When I speak, I’m not so worried about myself. I’m not really worried about if people like me when I’m done speaking. I’m more concerned if they like themselves cause I like me, so I don’t need that many more. I can like me enough for me.”

“I called Al Sharpton. I called Russell to call him and I was like ‘Tell Al Sharpton to call me before he go out talking to people.’ You don’t never know what I’m trying to do. I literally called him the day I was about to sign my deal finally[…] Black people stopping other people from getting checks, talkin’ bout man, that was racist. What Black people don’t know is racism is something that White people don’t even have to do it anymore [sic] cause we do it cause we hate each other more than White people hate it […]. If you talk about the pain, people got bills, don’t nobody care about the confederate flag to that type of level. If someone did, if you came to say I know that this symbol means this but I’m just gon’ pay all your bills for one year and I’m gonna ask you does that still mean the same thing?”

“You know what I do for fun, I put a Confederate Flag all on my merchandise.”

We’re over it.

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