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First it was T.I. and Tiny, then this past weekend it was Petey Pablo. Who’s next to face jail time for acting a fool? George Michael. Now, before y’all go crazy, we know what you’re thinking – probably one of two things depending on how familiar you are with this brother from another mother.

Up first on the list is “Who is George Michael?” And secondly, you’re probably thinking, “Now isn’t jail the last place George Michael needs to be?” Yep, our sentiments exactly. Onto the topic of discussion.

We hear noted pop singer George Michael was slammed earlier today and sent to serve an eight-week sentence after pleading guilty to a charge that he drove while under the influence of drugs. Remember the spectacle he created? Lord have mercy, it was hilarious and horrible all at the same time.

Well apparently, the recent charge would normally carry a 12-week sentence, but District Judge John Perkins said he gave Michael credit for his guilty plea and his remorse. He said Michael must serve at least half the sentence. For real? Half of the sentence. That’s a slap on the wrist. If it were a Hip Hop artist…hmm, we won’t even go there now will we.

The case relates to an incident the actually happened earlier this summer. In the early hours of July 4, when Michael crashed his car into the front of a north London shop, damaging the facade. Thank goodness no one was hurt in the accident.

Prosecutor Jonathan Efemini told the court Tuesday that when police got to the car, they found Michael wide-eyed and appearing “spaced out.” He was also carrying two marijuana joints, Efemini said.

Read more on the story at and let us know what you think. Had this happened to your favorite music act, what would be different about the situation in your opinion?

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