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This is for the fellas who have been dating a chick for a while and every time they think they are getting somewhere she tears it all down. You think it is something that you are doing but guess what? You probably did nothing wrong. Women know after a short time of meeting a man how far they want the relationship to go. If she is committing these 10 acts on a regular then Sorry Patna, she just isn’t that into you.

1. She calls you Irregularly

Calls from her are sporadic. You may not hear from her for 2 weeks and then…. Ring and ding-ding baby. Your special lady gives you a warm shout out and you end up taking her out to eat that night. Shrimp and lobster on you buddy. Or you end up driving her around all day to run her errands etc…She is keeping you around for a reason and it isn’t because she likes your smile and bubbly personality.

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2. Quick Phone Convos

Her conversations with you on the phone are always quick. Contrary to men, women are usually phone talkers. So if she consistently hops off the phone with you abruptly, it is probably because she does not enjoy talking to you that much.

3. You have never been in her house

You have been dating her for a few months and she has never invited you in once. Not even for a bottle of water. You tell her that you have to use the bathroom and she tells you that there is a gas station up the street. She does not want to let you into her inner sanctum. She does not really want to let you into her life.

4. You never met her friends

When a chick is into a guy or at least thinks he is yummy eye candy, she will want to show him off to her girls at least once. In this case, if you have been dating her and… To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

Do you agree with these signs? Let us know what you think.

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