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The former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain (pictured) is hawking some pretty eye-opening wares these days on his “Cain TV” Internet web network. One of the latest acid-trip e-mails sent out by the pizza mogul’s site is a snake-oil remedy for erectile dysfunction, according to the New York Post.

Come again?

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Subscribers of Cain’s year-old site reportedly received an e-mail blast with the subject line: “Breakthrough Remedy For Ed!”  The message behind the advertorial?

How to fix erectile dysfunction.

The watermarked image of the e-mailed endorsement (pictured) was posted by D.C. blogger Evan Gahr (pictured below):

Cain TV subscribers were offered access to a webinar (“value $499″), where they discovered the “#1 key reason for erectile dysfunction,” “4 KILLERS of your manhood,” and, of course, the “#1 Root Cause Of Women Cheating,” which is supposedly related to “earth-shaking, mind-blowing satisfaction.”

The very-married Cain was booted from political glory after accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct by several female colleagues surfaced. While Cain denied the allegations, the 67-year-old Tea Party activist was again outed when news broke about his alleged 13-year extramarital sexual tryst with Ginger White.

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Cain, who concocted the famed tax scheme the “999 Plan,” which would have imposed a 9 percent corporate tax rate, a 9 percent income tax rate, and a national sales tax of 9 percent on citizens if he became president, called his adultery allegations a “character assassination.”

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