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People around the world were giddy over the possibility of hidden jewel Lauryn Hill making her big come back to music. For years there were rumors of her returning but to no avail. Recently, Hill has been on the comeback tour after 6 kids and a ten year hiatus.  Unfortunately so far, the reviews of Hill’s big comeback performances have all been lack luster. There have also been comments about her seeming disoriented, disinterested, and even lacking in vocal skills.

Lauryn Hills Brings Out Alicia Beyonce & Jay At Rock The Bells [PHOTOS]

Well, now you can tack on her being a diva according to recent reports. Recently Hill performed the Rock The Bells concert in D.C. and arrived to perform 2 hours late. She was not late because she was sick or had a family emergency. No, no, no. Apparently Hill had an immediate need for a medi/pedi and it simply could not wait. So what did she do? Made thousands of members of the Rock The Bell audience wait for her for at least 2 hours.  Once Hill made it on stage her performance was described as spacey, and a messy rush through highlights from “Miseducation,” that were hardly recognizable due to her hoarse voice, speedy delivery and clunky, overstuffed arrangements. Not Ms. Hill. Say it ain’t so.

Well it is so. It is of popular opinion that since Hill’s return, her performances, energy level and overall interest in performing is lacking effort. Rumors swirled after her first return on stage months ago was lack luster that Hill did not really want to return rather had to perform occasionally because she was in need of more financial security for her and her family. When I put that together with the many poor reviews of her recent concerts and performances, it sounds to me like Hill’s heart is no longer into being a performing artist.

A time ago there were also rumors that Hill was suffering from some form of mental breakdown and it contributed to her spaceyness and departure from the music business.  I look at recent pictures of Hill and I can admit that she looks better now than she did maybe a year ago but there is still something that seems to be missing from her eyes. As if she lost a glow that she once had. Could it be that our precious Lauryn Hill is no longer capable of being the focused, driven, passionate singer and song writer we once knew over a decade ago? Has she lost her passion for the music business and it is showing in her performances and behavior?  Although I fear that Hill might have suffered from some sort of mental break down in the past and that could be possibly part of the reason behind the half hearted performances, the truth still remains.  She will forever be one of our generation’s most talented artists and her music has touched a generation of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. So although she may no longer be equipped to be the Lauryn we once knew, she will always be the Lauryn we love. Even if she decides to depart from music and the public, yet again.

Could Lauryn Hill be in a mentally fragile state? Could that be part of the reason for her lack luster performances? Should she have stayed in retirement? Do you think that Lauryn no longer has a passion for performing and being in the industry?

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