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Yes, I, too, was quite shocked at first when I read this headline. Well, on second thought, not so much shocked.

More like confused as to the real reason why James Cameron’s epic 3-D sci-fi motion picture “AVATAR” was returning to movie theaters across the nation for a second time.

Was the film really that great? Well, yes, absolutely. Was it really that lucrative? Well, yes, absolutely. Is it worth seeing a second time? Well, yes, absolutely.

But now that it’s the second time around, there’s more to the story that you’ve never seen before and must if you’re just as curious as I was watching the media blitz that followed the film for months at the tail end of last year.

It was only a matter of time before we got the chance to witness the inner-workings of this mega-blockbuster of a film.

Beginning this Friday, the film’s already filthy rich mastermind James Cameron is inviting movie-goers to take an extended tour of Pandora. Read more at WCPO.com for further details.

Cameron says he hopes all those dedicated fans will come back to the fictional planet to see an extra 9 minutes of new footage when “AVATAR: Special Edition” arrives in 3-D theaters on Friday. Thinking what we’re thinking? Why spend another $10 on a ticket and another $5 of some popcorn for an extra 9 minutes? Well, apparently the brand new footage is sprinkled throughout the film and includes a dramatic action scene showing a hunt for one of Pandora’s fantastical animals. How’s that for an updated version of the film?

A special-edition DVD with the new footage will be released in November and as of the latest reports on the sci-fi motion picture, AVATAR has to date earned $2.7 billion in box-office revenue worldwide. Can you imagine what over $2 billion in your bank account would look like? Lord only knows, we could buy Pandora with that kind of cash. Anyways, do you believe you’ll make the trek back to the theaters to check out this new edition of “AVATAR” this weekend? If so, let us know why by posting in the comments section below or reminisce and let us know what you thought of it the first time you saw it.

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