CINCINNATI — Over the next few weeks, you may get that feeling that you’re being watched, especially around the Clifton and University of Cincinnati areas.

On Monday, we’ll learn about new plans by Cincinnati police and city officials to add over 100 new high-tech street surveillance cameras to neighborhoods like Clifton to cut down on crime and increase safety.

Thanks to a $2 million federal grant, and additional money from local businesses; Cincinnati will start putting in new cameras to remotely keep an eye on what’s happening on the street.

But reports are these new cameras won’t be stand alone sentinels. Plans call for at least some of the cameras to not only see what’s going on, but be able to hear gunshots. Some of the new street cameras have gunshot sensors, that swing around to look in the direction of gunfire.

In addition to alerting 911 before the first call, dispatchers will have the ability to watch the cameras live once they get calls for help from a particular neighborhood.

Some of the first of the new cameras are coming to Clifton because the uptown consortium has raised an additional $130,000 for the project.

Further details will be announced at the Clifton Firehouse at Ludlow and Clifton Avenues, starting at 1:30 p.m.

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