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First kingpin weedboy and now these two innocent youths from suburbia; two sixteen-year old teenage boys arrested for attempted kidnapping.

Apparently, people responding to this story on a local newspaper site thought the attempted kidnapping of an eight-year old wasn’t all that bad. The opinion wasn’t unanimous but some people were more concerned about the grammar in the article than the fact that a young child’s life could have been irrevocably altered because two teenagers were influenced by the movie “Dazed and Confused.”

In the movie, in case you missed it; and even though it’s a cult movie now- a lot of people missed it- there is a kidnapping attempt and hazing of a high school freshman.

So these two sixteen year old Anderson High School students referencing the movie allegedly said the PRANK was based on the movie.

We have nothing else to report because nothing was really reported except that the children who witnessed the attempt allegedly told their parents who allegedly called the police and who actually arrested the teenagers and who now are incarcerated in a juvenile detention facility.