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The queen of talk, mega-mogul, and humanitarian bar none, Oprah Winfrey has been an unending source of inspiration for all.  She has graced our homes and warmed our hearts with more than 25 years of lessons and enlightenment that we’ve gathered from her shows.  And now at 58 years young, the diva is still on a mission to help us achieve our “authentic selves” and ultimately “be the change you want to see in the world” via her OWN cable television network and countless other projects.  Oprah, NewsOne wishes you the happiest of birthdays and would like to share some of our wishes for you.

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1) William Shakespeare once said that with mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”  We wish you a year of endless smiles that are brought on by the sweetest and happiest memories of your life.

2) You are a hero and your phrase from “zero to hero,” which means that no matter where or how you begin in life, you can make a difference, has been so inspirational to many.  Your influence has spread far and wide and you’ve used your might to inspire, empower, and educate the masses.  We wish you continued compassion and vision for a better world.

3) Your love of acting moved you to form your own production company, HARPO Entertainment Group.  We wish that your company continues to be a formidable force in films and television and that the fire in you never dies to bring us a continuance of quality entertainment programming.

4) Named one of the world’s most-generous philanthropists, we wish that for each and every noble goal and selfless endeavor you set, may all of your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding.

5) Spirituality seems to fuel and nourish your soul.  You’ve expressed that through a more spiritual lifestyle one can reap the  benefits of increased energy, enjoyment, alertness, love, calm, and a nearness to an exalted God.  We wish you unwavering peace and joy in your spiritual journey.

6) Your love of reading has spurred thousands upon thousands of people to pick up a book.  You have spread the idea and invigorated the concept of reading a book as a shared community.  You are passionate about the written word and we wish that your enthusiasm for encouraging us to read never ceases.

7) Finally, you who have been a true trailblazer, glass ceiling shatterer, media maven extraordinaire, and best friend to the masses,  we truly wish that you continue to inspire “Ah-Ha” moments and help us to ‘live our best lives.’

We love you, Oprah, godspeed and Happy Birthday!


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