Every woman has a story to tell. On 1230am WDBZ The Buzz we are celebrating the women of our community with a new feature Women and Their Stories.

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Last Friday we kicked off the series with Judge Cheryl Grant, another powerful and amazing woman. Yesterday Karen Bankston came to our studio and shared some of her life experiences with us. Last year at the Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion she was the keynote speaker for the annual breakfast that’s held and even then she brought the room to tears! Karen is the former CEO of Duke Hospital, working in the corporate setting for over 25 years. She now spends her time volunteering for organizations near and dear to her heart.

Our conversation led us to the subject of race, the idea of “getting our stuff back”, and what it means to be the CEO of your own life. Listen to a portion of the interview with the awe inspiring Karen Bankston:

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