I sat at my desk yesterday and cried when I read the details and timeline of alleged abuse by former Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky, of boys that spanned over seventeen years. 

 Joe Paterno, one of the winningest coaches in college football, and head coach at Penn State is expected to retire at the end of the football season because of this scandal.  A scandal that may have started  in the locker rooms at Penn State University. Joe Paterno issued a statement reminding us that we should pray for the victims and acknowledging in hindsight he could have done more.

 If Joe Paterno really believed his own words, he would step down today. In fact, the graduate assistant who first reported seeing Jerry Sandusky abuse a boy in the Penn State locker room shower would resign as well. How do you witness the assault of a 10 year old boy and not report it to the police.  How do the lives of children become less important than a football program? How do you do nothing?

How do you watch an alleged sexual predator create a non-profit organization under the guise of helping underprivileged, inner city children?

 Joe Paterno and everyone who knew anything should pack up today and leave Penn State University and beg the forgiveness of those boys whose lives were changed forever.

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