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At the recent GOP presidential debate, presidential candidate and Texas governor, Rick Perry, attempted to have some light discourse with fellow candidate, Herman Cain.

Perry on two occasions referred to Cain, the sole African American in the debate as “brother,” despite never referring to any of the other candidates as “brother.” This has prompted writer Nia-Malika Henderson of the Washington Post to ask if race had anything to do with it.

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The Washington Post reports:

So, just what did Perry mean when he called Cain “brother,” a term he didn’t use with anyone else on stage (in fact, Perry called Romney “sir” three times, even as Perry was being attacked and on the attack. His disdain was apparent with each “sir.”).

Was Perry channeling scholar Cornel West or even the late wrestler Randy Savage, both known for referring to everyone as brother? Or was Perry attempting a do-over of sorts on matters of race? (Remember that it was Cain and Cain alone who spoke out against the hunting camp incident, though the later backpedaled.)

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