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A while back we reported about how Herman Cain recorded a gospel album. As he continues to campaign for president, we find out more and more about how he loves to sing. Last week, at a campaign rally in Tennessee, he broke out singing impossible dream. There was a video released online of him, at the Omaha press club, singing a remake of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Cain replaces some of the words and adds a pizza twist to it.

If you want to sing along, here are the lyrics:

Imagine there’s no pizza / I couldn’t if I tried / Eating only tacos / Or Kentucky Fried / Imagine only burgers / It’s frightening and sad

You’re lucky you have pizza / To feed for kids for you / Only frosting or cookies / And no dishes you must do / Imagine eating pizza / Each and every day

You may say that it’s junk food / But to me it’s so much more / It gives my life its meaning / And it makes a lot of dough

Imagine mozzarella / Anchovies on the side / And maybe, pepperoni

/ Rounds out your pizza pie / Imagine getting pizza / Delivered to your door

You don’t have to give up now / On my skateboard I will go / I’ll be back in 30 minutes / I just bought Dominoes

All I am saying / Is give pizza a chance / All I am saying / Give pizza a chance! / All I am saying / Is give pizza a chance

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