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Several websites offering mortgage relief with names that make it seem like they are part of the federal government are actually being used to scam home distressed homeowners.

Christopher Mallett has started several websites that supposedly offer more affordable mortgage payments that actually take advantage of them to turn a profit.

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The Huffington Post reports:

Mallett is the driving force behind usbankloanmodiication-gov.info and mortgagehelpgov.us. He also founded The Department of Consumer Services Protection, U.S. Debt Care, the U.S. Mortgage Relief Council and several other operations with similarly authoritative if not auspicious-sounding names. But people who turned to them for help didn’t receive services, according to court documents filed by the Federal Trade Commission in U.S. District Court this month. Their names were instead sold to companies that almost universally scam distressed homeowners, federal regulators say.

Consumer advocates inside and outside the federal government say Mallett appears to be part of a rapidly growing network of customer lead generation, foreclosure rescue and debt settlement companies aggressively marketing their services to a crop of cash-strapped consumers that’s grown out of the housing crisis. Many of these companies break the law by portraying themselves as agents or partners of the federal government and by guaranteeing relief that they fail to deliver, FTC officials said.

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