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You know fall is beginning when the first week of college football starts. After the first week, no one isn’t talking about who won or who lost as much as they’re talking about the new uniforms some teams are wearing.

On Saturday, a lot of people were watching Oregon play Louisiana State and Georgia versus Boise State. Besides Louisana State, all of these colleges were sporting new uniforms. Georgia changed its football helmet, by painting it silver with a red stripe over it and including their traditional “G” logo. Their uniforms are still red, but have gray outlining the black numbers, and the shoulders of the jersey are covered with black. While the players and coaches are happy about the new jerseys, some Georgia Bulldog fans aren’t too pleased about the new uniforms.  A bulldog fan commented on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s website, saying

The uniforms look like something a clown threw up.

A lot of college football teams, are sporting new jerseys this year, but the biggest uniform eye-opener was the Maryland Terrapins. Designed by Under-Armour, the football team’s helmet is covered with the design of the state’s flag. Their jersey is red and white, with the shoulders covered also with the state’s flag design. To see more new uniforms, college teams are wearing this year, check out the gallery below.

So what do you think? Which new uniforms do you like? Would you ever wear these jersey’s yourself? Let us know your thoughts by typing your comments below.