We all have plans, schedules and agendas, and our ego – the human side of us – makes us think sometimes that what WE have to do takes precedence over everything else.

For the past month, my mind has been on two main issues: The MLK Memorial and march led by Rev. Al, and what I could do to get black leadership on the same page regarding re-electing President Obama. The latter issue consumed me. I found myself fixating on the fact that some people that I’ve followed, supported, leaned on and socialized with could not see look beyond their own agendas and look at the big picture. To me, the big picture was Election Day 2012.

But when first an earthquake hit the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area and then came Hurricane Irene, all of a sudden, the picture changed. Now, we all – no matter who we are or who we support politically – should be turning our minds and hearts toward helping people who suddenly have found their lives in chaos. Like many of us, they also had plans and schedules and agendas that are meaningless now. Just think – somebody last week who is stranded in D.C. was at the mall getting comfortable shoes for the march. Somebody in NYC was deciding on Friday whether they’d go to church Sunday or stay home and watch the football games, and I had the best excuse ever not to volunteer to drive members to the Potter’s House in a church bus (a “TJMS” family inside joke). And this morning, none of those things matter.

A billion in dollars of damage, thousands left with no power and at least 15 deaths later, we find ourselves once again leaning on each other for help. Six years ago, we witnessed the devastation Hurricane Katrina had on the Gulf Coast. Thankfully, this time around, FEMA appeared to be on its game, and props to first responders and the people who helped make evacuation procedures run as smooth as possible.

Still, we know, when it rains on America, it pours, floods and blows the roof off Black America.


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