It looks like Mike Brown is paying attention to what people think of him, and the way he manages the Bengals. In a recent interview, he says that “they have been given a slap on the wrist” by the media. He also says that when the Bengals are winning, none of these criticisms come up. However, when the Bengals are losing, he says he is the object of scrutiny.

Since Mike Brown has taken control of the Cincinnati Bengals football operations in 1991, the team has only had 2 winning football seasons. During both those seasons, they went to the playoffs and have lost in the first round.

Last June, ESPN Magazine ranked the Bengals, “the worst franchise in professional sports“, based on scales of titles won, fan relations, and players.

Most recently, Jim Litke of AP Sports characterized Mike Brown as “a clueless owner running a mom and pop store“.

What do you think : do you think Mike Brown has turned over a new leaf, or will it still be business as usual for the Bengals? Let us know by writing your comments below.

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