An astounding 11 bullets have reportedly been counted as shots rang through the cool night air on Sunday at Shakers Bar in College Hill. According to authorities assigned to the case, a total number of those injured by the shots have not yet been revealed, but management at the establishment claim at least five were wounded in the incident that took place just before 2:00AM.

What started it all? Apparently, a group of unidentified young men who were asked to leave the premises weren’t happy about the requests. After causing a brief disturbance in the back parking lot, they became agitated and ultimately opened fire through the glass windows hitting several patrons inside the bar.

Employees and guests on that night are striving to set the record straight this morning claiming the incident did not happen inside of Shakers. From the description of the incident, this seems true. Authorities are still investigating while reports and updates are also being delivered on the case.

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